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Saffron Black Tea (12 Sachets)
Saffron Black Tea 1/2lb
Exceptional Quality

Our teas, grown in highlands and volcanic soil, are handpicked for top quality and rich flavor. Our pure saffron is ISO-rated for superior color, taste, and aroma.

Discover our Saffron Tea, blending ancient tea traditions with saffron's aromatic charm. This blend offers a unique sensory experience, rooted in authenticity.

Crafted through traditional methods, our orthodox teas offer an authentic journey of flavors. Each sip mirrors meticulous processes, delivering a unique taste experience.

Enjoy the richness of our whole leaf teas, which surpass broken tea in preserving flavor, allowing for brewing control, and minimizing bitterness.

Explore tea bliss with our 3g sachets, rich in saffron. This delightful blend of brisk, earthy black tea and saffron's sweet, floral notes ensures an unmatched flavor journey.

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