Our Story

Eupherbia Canada Inc. is a premium food company based in Toronto, Canada, with a passion for bringing the finest saffron, tea and blue salt products to North America.

Our journey began decades ago, when our founders developed a deep expertise in cultivating and exporting the world’s best saffron. With a commitment to quality and a love for the unique flavors and health benefits of this precious spice, Eupherbia was born.

Saffron 3 Gram - Eupherbia

Exceptional Saffron

We take great pride in our saffron, which is truly exceptional – premium, pure, and aromatic. We carefully hand-pick every strand to ensure only the highest quality reaches your table.

Blue Salt - Eupherbia

Rare Blue Salt Delicacy

Our blue salt, a rare delicacy mined from ancient dried seas, is a natural and unprocessed product, rich in potassium and perfect for those who value their health and wellness.

Premium Tea Selection

We understand that tea is more than just a drink; it’s a way of life. That’s why we have carefully sourced the finest premium teas from around the world. From saffron black tea to saffron green tea, our tea selection is carefully hand-picked and crafted to deliver an exquisite taste and aroma that is second to none.

Rock Candy Sticks - Eupherbia

Rock Candy Sticks

A unique collection combining the exotic elegance of Saffron Rock Candy with the classic charm of pure Rock Candy Sticks for a diverse taste journey.