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Pink Salt 2lb

Pink Salt 2lb

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Natural Coarse Rock Salt
Mineral Rich

An Ancient Delicacy
Pink Salt is hand-harvested from ancient, dried seas and rich in minerals. This 100% raw salt is natural and unprocessed. Its unique taste and magical pink hue make it a popular choice to elevate any dish as an ingredient or garnish.

The Pink Treasure: Sourced from ancient dried seas, our pink salt remains untainted by modern pollutants, offering a pure and pristine seasoning for your daily delicacies.
Mesmerizing Color: Pink salt's beautiful color comes from its iron content, the same element that gives our blood its red hue.
More Than Just Beautiful: Our pink salt, rich in vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium, contains a notable 58mg of potassium per 1g of salt. Enjoy benefits beyond its captivating pink color.
Natural & Unprocessed: Harvested naturally from mines, our pink salt is pure, unprocessed, and free from artificial additives, maintaining its authenticity and natural integrity.

Net Weight: 2lb (32oz)

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