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Saffron 3 Gram

Saffron 3 Gram

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An Elegant Delicacy
Saffron is an exotic hand-harvested spice, treasured for centuries for its distinct flavor, aroma, and unparalleled benefits. It has a complex sweet and floral taste and adds a vibrant orange-yellow color that can elevate any recipe.

Premium Grade 1: Our carefully and traditionally handpicked Saffron threads have earned the highest ISO rating for exceptional color, flavor, and aroma.
Ancient Heritage: For over 3,500 years, saffron's flavor and health benefits have linked ancient civilizations to modern cuisine, blending tradition with contemporary culinary trends worldwide.
The Red Gold Spice: Saffron, known as 'Red Gold,' is delicately hand harvested from the Crocus flower's stigmas. As the most expensive spice, saffron adds a touch of luxury to culinary creations.
The Golden Threads: Each gram of saffron requires the delicate harvest of 150 Crocus blooms within a brief fall window. Every strand emits a unique sweet, floral fragrance, symbolizing exceptional quality.
Pure, Fresh, and Natural: 100% pure and natural, our saffron contains no additives or preservatives, upholding our standards of purity.
Elegant Versatility: A little goes a long way! Just a few strands enhance dishes, desserts, and drinks, bringing exquisite taste, color, and aroma.

Net Weight: 3g

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