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Saffron Black Tea (12 Sachets)

Saffron Black Tea (12 Sachets)

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Handpicked Whole Leaf

Pure Elegance in a Cup
Luxurious Saffron Black Tea crafted from highland grown, handpicked whole black tea leaves and enriched with high quality saffron threads to deliver a uniquely authentic brisk, earthy, and aromatic drinking experience.

Exceptional Quality: Our teas, grown in highlands and volcanic soil, are handpicked for top quality and rich flavor. Our pure saffron is ISO-rated for superior color, taste, and aroma.
Timeless Union: Discover our Saffron Tea, blending ancient tea traditions with saffron's aromatic charm. This blend offers a unique sensory experience, rooted in authenticity.
The Orthodox Path: Crafted through traditional methods, our orthodox teas offer an authentic journey of flavors. Each sip mirrors meticulous processes, delivering a unique taste experience.
Whole Experience: Enjoy the richness of our whole leaf teas, which surpass broken tea in preserving flavor, allowing for brewing control, and minimizing bitterness.
Black Meets Red Gold: Explore tea bliss with our 3g sachets, rich in saffron. This delightful blend of brisk, earthy black tea and saffron's sweet, floral notes ensures an unmatched flavor journey.

Net Weight: 36g (12 Sachets)

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